The WHOLE Truth

  1. There will always be people that will seek to maim, kill, create war and cause suffering to enhance their power. When these people arise we as good people must be willing to face and defeat them. (1993)
  2. Morality must come from a source higher than the individual. If it doesn’t then we can not be assured our rights that stem from morality will be constant and immutable over time. (1993)
  3. You can not negotiate with persons whose goals are directly opposed to things you know to be true. (1993)
  4. The truth can never be a conspiracy. (1993)
  5. Deficits are caused by spending more money than you collect. They are not the result of tax rates being too low. (1993)
  6. Nazi’s were the national socialist party of Germany. Socialists believe in fanatical and oppressive government control as a means to cure the human condition. American conservatives are by no stretch of the imagination Nazis. (1994)
  7. The nation’s economy is not the responsibility of the President. (1994)
  8. The communists of the Soviet Union did not hate and fear us because of our nuclear arsenal. They feared and hated us because of our freedom. (1997)
  9. Bill Clinton DID have sex with Monica. It was wrong. He lied. (1999)
  10. Humans cannot destroy the Earth. We can at times change it, making it unsuitable for our own usage. However we can not destroy it. (1999) Updated (2003)
  11. Government consisting of mindless bureaucrats can not administer your life better than you can no matter how dim you may be. (2000)
  12. Large groups of stupid people are even more dangerous than each of the stupid people singularly. (2000)
  13. There are such things as good and evil and evil must be fought and defeated. (2000)
  14. My rights are also your rights. Your rights can not interfere with mine nor can mine with yours. If there appears to be a conflict then we must look at if such is truly your “right”. (2001) Updated (2003)
  15. Smoking causes can be a contributing factor in cancer although it does not “cause” cancer in and of itself (if it did then everyone that smoked would have cancer which they don’t). We’ve all known it for years even those that claim otherwise in an attempt to get free money. (2001) Updated 2008
  16. Taking any mind altering substance is risky. You do so at your own risk and must accept the consequences if you do. (2002)
  17. Criminals don’t give a damn about the law. (2002)
  18. Men and women are different. Women are not inferior to men despite these differences. (2002)
  19. The harder liberals try to cure the human condition, the greater they fail. (2002)
  20. Charity helps far more people than government can. (2002)
  21. The U.N. is a platform for 3rd world despots to bash and hinder the United States. (2003)
  22. George W. Bush DID win the 2000 Presidential Election. Get over it. (2003)
  23. We all make choices. We all must live with not only our own but often times those of others as well. (2003)
  24. A Native American is any person born upon American soil, not someone that happened to get here before you who happens to have a certain skin color, belief system or that wears a particular type of dress. (2003)
  25. The United States Constitution is the law of the land. The will of a legislature, president, governor, or judge is not. (2003)
  26. The further removed from power left-wing socialists and marxists are the more radical, vocal and funny to watch they become. (2003)
  27. As people work harder to better themselves, government will work harder to hold them back. (2003)
  28. All men are created equal. However what you do after that creation may affect how equal you are later on. (2003)
  29. Ask 10 different politicians the same question and you will get 23 different answers. (2003)
  30. Despite its flaws, America is still the greatest nation on the face of this planet . (2003)
  31. 2 + 2 will always equal 4 no mater how much you claim it does not. (2003)
  32. Only people pay taxes. Nothing other than people has the ability to generate goods and service or create wealth. Without wealth there can be no taxes. Without taxes (i.e. productive people) those that receive money from the government have nothing to receive. (2003)
  33. Atheism is the belief that there is no higher supreme power than man. Since man is the supreme being, man is then a god and this is a world view that rules their thoughts. Since religion is simply a firmly held world view, Atheism is indeed a religion. (2003) Updated (2005)
  34. People that believe in and promote liberty and limited government cannot be fascists. The concepts are completely opposite of one another. (2003)
  35. Just because I disagree with you does not make me a bigot, sexist, or a homophobe. (2003)
  36. Proclaiming something as a “choice” that you have a right to make does not make it any less wrong once done. (2003)
  37. The United Nations is the single biggest threat to free people around the world because they do not seek to promote freedom. Rather they seek encompass all under their authority which is that of unelected bureaucrats, unaccountable to any people. (2003)
  38. The Boy Scouts of America are probably one of the single greatest institutions in this country despite the constant attacks from those that would seek to tell us that being Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean and Reverent are hateful, immoral and unworthy goals to teach our children. (2003) The meaning of the Boy Scout Law.
  39. You will learn people’s TRUE economic beliefs only when they are in an economic crisis themselves. Nothing brings out the communist in people faster than when faced with the prospect of declining income or benefits. (2003)
  40. The United States WAS founded under a belief in God and God’s laws as the unalienable rights of all free men. The Declaration of Independence states it several times no matter how willfully blind you choose to be. (2003)
  41. Eventually all the money that people earn and are allowed to keep gets injected into the economy one way or the other. It doesn’t matter if they themselves spend it or if they invest it and allow other people to spend it. (2003)
  42. Only by the application of Communism and dictatorial policy can an island in the middle of the Caribbean (i.e. Cuba) not be able to supply enough fish to feed its own people. (2003)
  43. Marriage is a religious institution, not a distinction granted or mandated by federal, state or local governments. (2003)
  44. Most Environmentalist groups primary goals are to control human behavior and regulate property. These also happen to be two of the core principles of the Communist Party. (2004)
  45. Nine out of ten Americans don’t pay attention to what goes on in politics or the government. However, amazingly, ten out of ten Americans have opinions on what goes on in politics and the government. (2004)
  46. When people don’t have a good reason to convince you that they are right or to buy their product, often times they resort to lying about their competitors products, beliefs and opinions to give a “reason”. (2004)
  47. Subsidies are nothing more than government forcing its people to support a product or service that they have already decided that they don’t want. (2004)
  48. If you call yourself a Conservative and act like a (modern) Liberal, you are a (modern) Liberal. (2004)
  49. When (modern) Liberals and the members of any “special” or “oppressed” class break the law they are seen as courageous rebels proliferating great things and bringing social and political injustices to the public arena for debate. When Conservatives break the law they are criminals. When in truth everyone who breaks the law is criminal. (2004)
This list is the intellectual property of Jeff Jackson, Owner of Land of the Free Studios Incorporated. Reprinting of this list without proper attribution is not permitted.

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