Publication Schedule

Articles are posted on this site as well as on Friday nights. Articles are released to syndication partners (usually) on Saturday morning. I say “usually” because sometimes they do not go out until the evening on Saturday and may even be delayed until Sunday or Monday depending on issues that crop up from time to time with my internet connection, personal schedule, etc.

I also take several hiatuses from publishing articles over the course of the year. While I do publish, on average, about 47 articles a year I also take time off for things like vacations or other personal reasons. For the sake of my syndication partners I try to keep this list of dates when there will be no articles published up to date.

Vacation Schedule 2011 (no articles planned on these days):
Friday, April 22nd (Good Friday)
Friday, May 27th (Memorial Day Weekend)
Friday, July 1st (Fourth of July Weekend)
Friday, September 16th (Family Vacation)
Friday, September 23rd (Family Vacation)
Friday, November 24th (Thanksgiving Break)
Friday, December 23rd (Christmas Eve)

In addition, due to vacation, no daily commentary is planned from September 16th through the September 26th.

Please note that these dates are not written in stone and can change! They are just here to provide publishers with an indication that something may be wrong with their email if they do not receive a submission on a date other than these. Being self-employed I always reserve the right to adjust my own vacation schedule as I see fit.

Syndication partners are welcome to publish an article from my archives or reprint a previous article if they would like to cover these gaps in my publication schedule.

Please be aware that just because I have a date listed on my schedule above, do not be surprised if come Saturday morning there is an article in your mailbox! As my wife can attest to, I often write an article even when I say I will not because something happens that I just have to comment on.