Universal Health Care/Socialized Medicine:

The federal government has no authority granted to it anywhere in the Constitution to mandate and establish “universal” health care or insurance for citizens of the United States. In keeping with the basic principles of individual liberty, citizens must be allowed to seek their own solutions to provide their own health care whether this is by buying insurance freely and on their own or choosing to pay out of their own pocket as expenses arise.

No American should be forced (essentially at gun point) by federal government mandate to pay for the health care of another citizen.

On the state level, such programs are equally illegal and unconstitutional because they violate the rights of citizens to freely contract for legal goods and services. By instituting “mandatory” health coverage this protection to freely contract (and by correlation to NOT contract) which is guaranteed under Article I, Section 10 of the United States Constitution is destroyed.

All the problems that face our current healthcare system are caused by too much government regulation and interference which restricts care, compensation, etc.

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