Treaties and “Entangling Alliances”

The Constitution of the United States grants the power for our government to enter into treaties and alliances with other countries. America should enter into such agreements with countries that hold her basic values dear and be willing to defend our allies if need be against aggression. Keeping this in mind, no country is perfect and perfection should not be demanded when it comes to evaluating how close other countries are to our values for this standard.

Strategic alliances with countries that do not abide by the same concept of unalienable rights as America does should only be entered into with extreme caution and prejudice and discarded at the earliest convenience.

Alliances should never be open-ended, indefinite in scope, absolute and hence “entangling”. That means that America should not enter into agreements where we will be expected to come to the aid of others under any and all circumstances because each situation requires independent analysis. If, for example, an ally of our’s provokes an attack from another country by encroaching upon their sovereignty then we should be under no obligation to aid them when they get resistance.

To ignore the need for alliances will ultimately doom America. Isolationism is not an option. Nor is it an option to turn our backs on people that are under attack by unjust and aggressive foreign nations and tyrants or that are being oppressed by them.

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