Homosexuals are human beings. They may be human beings whom I disagree with over their choice of lifestyle, but they are still human beings.

As such they by default have the same rights as everyone else. They should not have any additional rights however on top of these rights or special protections under the law as should no particular group.

It should no more be considered a “hate crime” to speak out against homosexuality in legitimate forums than it should be for homosexuals to promote their lifestyle in legitimate forums.

Too many times we have stretched the powers of our federal government beyond its just powers. This has lead to a government which has on numerous occasions granted special privileges and even levied certain penalties upon groups of Americans. If we would abide by our Constitution and treat everyone equally before the law every instance of legitimate complaint the homosexual community has would be washed away. Although a certain subset may still make illegitimate complaints that cannot be helped.

However as long as we use the federal government to grant favors and additional privilege to selected groups there will continue to be tension.

States need to stop, first, getting involved in what is and is not marriage as such is a religious distinction. States need to stop, second, punishing or rewarding parties for entering into marriage. Do this and there is no reason for homosexuals to want to get married in the first and last place because in the eyes of government the institution has no bearing on societal standing.

On the local and state level, if parents would stop abdicating their responsibilities to the schools to teach their own children about sex then the entire topic of sexuality would be removed from our schools and not be an arguing point for homosexual activists attempting to get their lifestyle taught to impressionable children.

Teaching sexuality of any sort is not the purview of the schools. Especially when our children are doing poorly in math, have trouble speaking proper English, do not know basics of American History and do not get enough exercise with gym class. I think we need to all agree that our efforts on “educating” our children should lie on the important things that make them functioning citizens.

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