What is evolution? Evolution is biological change in a population over time.

Does evolution happen? Yes.

Does evolution happen the way Charles Darwin predicts? Mr. Darwin predicted that all species if traced back far enough evolved from a common ancestor. Darwin also predicted that humans evolved from monkeys. Did either of these two things happen? That is unknown at this time and cannot be proven. In fact, with regards to the later there is evidence that humans did not evolve from monkeys but that humans, apes and monkeys may have had a common ancestor from which they descended from.

Do higher organisms evolve from single celled organisms? Again, this is unproven but theoretically possible given enough time and generations of simpler organisms. However to date scientists have not been able to produce a rose (for example) from a Petri dish of bacteria. After observing many generations of growth in such setting the scientists still only have Petri dishes of bacteria. The bacteria may have evolved into a new species of bacteria but they have not evolved into a new life form. This of course does not disprove the Theory of Evolution but it does not bolster the case for it either.

People of a religious nature who want to accept religious texts such as Genesis, text written by fallible men, to explain the wonders of God which are often way beyond our understanding take great offense to the Theory of Evolution. I however do not.

Believing, as I do, that God created all things I must also accept that God created not just the physical things that are seen but also the invisible laws of science that dictate how the physical world works. Evolution, like physics, chemistry, etc, would simply be yet another creation of an all knowing, all seeing Creator if it were ever to be shown to be true. Understanding this, since God created not just nature but the laws of nature if human beings evolved from inferior creatures then one can easily say with confidence that God created man. This will offend those that dislike any inference that Evolution may indeed occur. This will also offend those that have for years tried to use Evolution as a means to discredit the existence of God. I can live with the scorn from both these groups because I think that my reasoning on the issue is clear.

Right now we have a lot of speculation about the evolutionary path of life on Earth. This is all based however on incomplete evidence, partial skeletons dated thousands if not millions of years apart and a lot of supposition by those studying the issue.

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