America’s Borders/Immigration

America has always been a land of immigrants who agree that they want to be Americans. We should have an immigration policy that sets no quotas about where immigrants come from but should reserve the right to deny access to people from certain countries which are not friendly to the United States. We do however have an inherent right to limit the overall number of new immigrants and set the rules by which immigrants may come to this country legally. I have absolutely no qualms with any person of any origin that wants to come to America and make a better life for themselves and their family when they do so legally, want to be Americans and adhere to the American ideal.

As for illegal immigrants, they are criminals the moment they cross the border illegally. Hence the reason why the term “illegal” is added before the word immigrant.

To come to this country one should abide by the rules which means applying for entrance and going through the constitutionally provided for system. It does not mean hopping a fence in the middle of the night, hiding out in a church or “sanctuary city” and trying to have an anchor baby in order to justify us letting you stay or pushing for amnesty to be bestowed upon you. I do not care if you are Mexican, Puerto Rican, Polish, Russian, Nigerian, French, Spanish, or any other nationality, race or creed.

Violating American immigration law should automatically preclude anyone doing such from ever becoming a “legal” immigrant and eventually United States Citizen. America is a great beacon of hope to many, but the first measure of the quality of those that want to come here is that they will recognize our laws (the just ones anyway that don’t blatantly violate the Constitution).

If one is willing to violate one law in order to come here it is reasonable to conclude that they will violate other laws after they have come here. And many do, because once in the country illegally they have to steal the identities of others, drive without licenses, etc. in order to remain here and avoid detection.

I have no problems with “guest worker programs” where people from other countries can be used to supplement an American workforce operating at or near full employment. Such programs can even be a path towards citizenship but only in-so-far as those involved have come here legally, have never been here illegally, integrate with American society and obey the law while here.

Anyone that violates the law to come here has no standing before any court to sue for perceived wrongs against them (i.e. being denied contest winnings or health care benefits, wanting legal documents to be provided in their native language, etc.) because first and foremost the court has no legal basis to recognize their right to be in the country. Without this right no further action can be taken.

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