“Buy American” Campaigns

When it comes to the concept of whether or not one should “buy American” or not to support American workers I say that everyone should buy the quality of product they desire at the best price they can get. If that happens to be an American made product then fine. If it is not then there is nothing wrong with that either.

Cries of carte blache declarations to “buy America” are used, in my opinion, by people who do not want to compete for business or who do not want to think about what they are buying. The former use the “buy American” catchphrase to induce someone to buy something that they might not otherwise buy and benefit themselves out of a sense of patriotism. The later use the same call to just not have to think that much about what they are doing and they just buy whatever has been made in America.

I do believe that all things being equal such as price, quality, etc. that one should support local workers and their fellow countrymen. But if someone else can make a better widget cheaper in a foreign country then so be it. The one thing that has to be understood however is whether or not that item is cheaper because someone found a way to do it cheaper through the entrepreneurial spirit or it has been made cheaper by government subsidy. The later distorts the price and is done to make products more competitive and such products should be avoided if possible.

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