Q. What is Liberty Reborn?

A. Liberty Reborn is the official home for my writings (me being J.J. Jackson).

Q. Why was Liberty Reborn Started?

A. Liberty Reborn was started because in the past I have started several other websites (including The Land of the Free and the American Conservative Daily Blog) which have since grown to include contributions from other authors beyond myself. In order to provide an official repository for my (and only my) opinions, Liberty Reborn was started.

Basically I have gotten tired of people who cannot read attributing the opinions of other authors (who I may not agree with on a particular issue) to me.

Q. Is Liberty Reborn A Political Site?

A. Any site that discusses issues, society, government, news and elected officials is by its very nature “political”. Yes, Liberty Reborn is a “Political Site” so if you are not the type of person that likes to deal with politics and issues this site will probably not be to your tastes.

Q. How Popular is Liberty Reborn?

A. There are over 70,000,000 websites in the United States. Liberty Reborn is in the upper 0.25% of all these sites in terms of hits.

Q. Ok, What Is The Political Leaning of Liberty Reborn Then?

A. Liberty Reborn talks extensively about limited government, personal liberty, vigilant citizens desirous of liberty and a firm reliance on God as the means by which societies will flourish. It also focuses on the need for strict adherence to the Constitution and the principles of the Declaration of Independence. Typically this is what is considered to be either “conservative”, “libertarian” or “right wing” in modern American politics. In reality however it is very similar to the type of opinions held by our founding fathers even if they failed to practice what they preached at times.

Liberty Reborn looks with disdain upon all types of governments that seek to impose arbitrary and oppressive control over the people and infringe upon their unalienable rights as well as those people that promote such political systems. Such ideologies include, fascism, socialism, communism, Nazism, Marxism, Leninism, Stalinism, totalitarianism, etc.

Q. Well I Don’t Think You’re Very “Conservative” OR “Libertarian”!

A.You are more than welcome to believe whatever you like. However please be aware that these are titles which my readers have voted on over and over again in polls available on this and other sites.

Q. WOAH! You’re One Of Those “EVIL Right Wingers” Then?

A. To the extent that believing in the ability of people to solve their own problems, run their own lives, help their fellow man by their own free will, and that government should stop meddling in the lives of the people I suppose that I am. However, what I believe in has shown to work time and again and is firmly grounded in the writings of our founding fathers, our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. More correctly you should refer to me as an “EVIL pro American, liberty loving SOB” if anything.

Q. Why Do You Do What You Do?

A. Because I believe that it is important in this day and age where many Americans have ceased to act like Americans and believe in the Constitution, liberty and limited government that they be reminded (sometimes painfully) exactly how far from such basic principles we have regressed. I also do this for my family and my childen to make the world a better place for them.

And, to be honest, I make good money doing this as well.

Q. Why Don’t You Allow Comments On You Work? I Have Something To Say! Are You Scared of Me?

A. Liberty Reborn is not a “blog” for people like you to just to come here and say something about what you think or feel. As previously stated, this site is for my opinions and my opinions alone. If you have something to say concerning those opinions start your own site and say them. I always appreciate the free publicity!

This site is not here for you to promote your beliefs, let you rant, espouse hatred, or generally just babble on and on aimlessly without a clue. I’ve worked very hard to gather a lot of readers and they come here to read what I have to say not what you have to say.

I’m sure that if your opinions are as impressive as you believe them to be you will have tons of readers for your own site in no time and not need my help to promote you.

Q. You Are Rather Biased Aren’t You?

A. Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing wrong with being “biased” as long as you can back up what you are biased towards with firmly grounded opinions and even facts. There is no reason to give equal time to lies and general fallacies just because someone else believes in them.

Q. You’re Just a Bigot, Racist, Homophobe And A Sexist Aren’t You?

A. Just because I disagree with your position makes me none of these things. It would be very difficult for me to function in my everyday life with everyone that I do if any of these things were true.

Q. You Don’t Really Believe All This Crap You Write Do You?

A. Every damn word of it.

Q. Wow! Your Writing Sure Seems Mean Spirited!

A. I write, and always have written, in a form that tends to offend people who are looking to be offended. It’s the old saying, “the truth hurts.” And it hurts more when it isn’t sugar coated and I certainly don’t sugar coat my opinions.

My writings contain heavy doses of satire and often ooze sarcasm as well as throw out historical facts that cause people to recognize that much of what federal, state and local governments do from Social Security to Welfare is Unconstitutional (on the federal level) and smacks of socialism, communism, fascism, etc. on all levels.

I pull no punches and give no quarter to those who promote such programs either.

I admit that people who have been indoctrinated to believe in such things as legitimate functions of government are often unwilling to listen to any opinion that calls for their elimination. If believing in people, personal liberty, God, the teachings of Christ and limited government is “mean spirited” to you then I can live with that.

Q. Ok, I Have A Website And I Would Like To Publish Your Articles. Can I?

A. Yes. For information go here: Publish J.J. Jackson’s Articles. Please note that this information only applies to columns for public release each weekly. It DOES NOT apply to Liberty Reborn exclusive content.

Q. Why Should I Want To Reprint Your Articles?

A. Because if there is one thing that my article aren’t its dull! All my commentaries generally contain a bizarre marriage of wit and/or wisdom (although detractors will claim otherwise) that get the point across on the issues facing Americans today. My articles are always highly rated to boot. Don’t believe me? Associated Content and Ezine Articles both have rating system for the articles that are on them and consistently the articles that I write are rated 4 or more stars (out of five) on both sites.

Besides, they’re free! And why wouldn’t you want free content for your site?

Q. When are article’s released for publication?

A. Articles are published and here on Friday of each week. Articles are usually released via email to our publishers on Saturday morning although sometimes I do throw them out there on Friday night as well.

Q. Do you publish articles every week?

A. I publish articles 47-50 weeks out of the year depending on when major holidays fall and when I take my own personal vacations.

Q. I am looking for unique content. Will you write exclusive articles for my site?

A. Yes, but you will have to pay for them. Depending on the length, topic and current my workload a unique article for your site will run between $100 and $750 and I still retain the rights to the article and also the right to keep a copy of it here on my site in my own archives. However it will never be distributed to any other site.

Oh, and you have to pay in advance.

Q. Hey You Loser! I Wrote You An Email! Why Won’t You Respond?!?

A. While you may be used to writing to people who run smaller websites and having them return your emails within minutes or hours to answer your questions or setting you straight on some issue or another, the sad truth is that this is not one of those sites. Just because you get excited every time an email pops into your inbox and sit around breathlessly waiting for someone to acknowledge you, I don’t feel the need to feed your over inflated ego.

Currently I receive on a daily basis over 1,000 emails and that is NOT including spam for Viagra or some guy in Nigeria trying in vain to steal my bank account number. Only about 100 of those get read because they are they are important such as submissions for The Land of the Free (which I also run), other business related items, correspondence with people that I have deemed to be important and that have endeared themselves to me because they have something of importance to say, friends, family and also other important emails that require my attention such as legitimate and thoughtful requests for information. At the very bottom of that pile is you. Not necessarily because I do not like you, but because you’re just not that important.

I would love to try to read every email that is sent but it simply is not possible. The odds of me even having the time to respond to you are very low. You are probably in my “slush pile” which every now and again I do go through but usually just end up deleting. Plus on top of that I have many other websites that I operate and use to make money that demand my time.

Oh, and if you “think” that putting a misleading subject line in your email will work, think again. If you try to get my attention with a misleading subject line only to get me to read your vile laced rant you automatically get circularly filed. I do not have time for liars.

So I am certain that you can understand that I do not necessarily have the time for you and your latest conspiracy theory about the Skull and Bones, September 11th or the Free Masons and how they want to take over the world.

The absolute best way to get a response is to keep your emails short, to the point and say something of importance. But please be aware that if you are going to take issue with me over basic concepts about America I’ve probably heard and answered the complaint before (maybe in an article so look around) and they are easily refuted by correctly quoting either the founding fathers, the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution.

Q. WOW! This Site Is Like One Big Republican Talking Points Memo!

A. Contrary to popular belief I have spent a lot of time taking issue with many members of the Republican Party from Senator John McCain to President George W. Bush to even Congressman Ron Paul so spare me your lame attempts at discrediting me without actually dealing with the issues at hand. I hold no allegiance to any political party, nor am I wed to them or their agendas.I have voted for members of many different parties including Democrat, Republican, Constitution and Libertarian. So if you think I am a party hack think again.

Q. Is There Any Chance That You Will Publish My Writing?

A. Considering that Liberty Reborn is only for my opinions (and I strongly intend to keep it that way) not on this site. However if you are a right of center, conservative or libertarian author you may submit your articles to The Land of the Free for consideration. If you write daily “blog” like postings you may also apply for inclusion as an author at American Conservative Daily.

Q. Why are you so arrogant?

A. When you are right you can afford to be arrogant.

Q. i Am a rabbbid leftwinger and you’re site makes me angry and sik! Were can I get halp?

A. I provide no medical coverage or benefits for those who allow themselves to be injured by the words I write. I would suggest that you call 911 and quickly get to the nearest emergency room where trained medical professionals can assist you by placing you into a straightjacket and padded cell.

Q. Are you a NAZI?A. Nope, I am not a socialist left winger like the NAZIs were.

Q. Why do your archives not go all the way back to 1993?

A. Becasue lots of my writtings have been unfortunately lost to time and space. My current archives go back as far as I have had time to transfer the more recent articles to this site.

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