Liberty Reborn is the official website of J.J. Jackson.  Mr. Jackson’s writings are pro America and defend the concepts of individual liberty, unalienable rights stemming from God, and the concepts of limited government set forth in the United States Constitution and Declaration of Independence.  His writings are generally what are considered “conservative” or “libertarian” (voted on by his readers) in nature and while Mr. Jackson accepts the term conservative as a label he prefers to be known as a libertarian or a constitutionalist.

If you would like to contact Mr. Jackson, you may do so at jackson-at-libertyreborn.com (general information) but if you would like to send Mr. Jackson your vile laced hate mail, please send it specifically to hatemail-at-libertyreborn.com.  That way you are not clogging up his important emails with general rants.  Don’t worry, the email address actually does exist and every now and again he does read them for a good laugh.

Liberty reborn contains past articles written by J.J. Jackson, information about sites that currently publish his work, how you can publish his work on you own site, and assorted other information.  You agree that by reading this site you hold Mr. Jackson completely NOT responsible for any mental anguish you may suffer from reading an opinion that your brain may not be able to comprehend or handle.

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