The Solution The House Republicans Should Propose

As President Obama and Harry Reid continue to push for higher taxes (on everyone) while not offering any immediate spending cuts to elivate America’s fiscal crisis of spending $1 Trillion + more than it is binging in year after year, there is only one real solution that seems to be viable.  Unfortunately, the House Republicans lead by John Boehner (if you can call what he does “leadership”) don’t seem willing to propose it.

This solution is simple, takes one page to write the legislation, and puts all the onus on Obama and the Democrat Senate to act.

Here it is:

1) All the current Bush-era tax rates are made permanent.

2) The House will write a check, for $2.2 Trillion to the President to spend any way he wants.

3) Any monies collected beyond this $2.2 Trillion will be used to pay down the existing $16 Trillion + national debt.

Now, what does this do?  Well, it puts all the pressure on the liberal Democrats in Washington DC.  First, if Obama and Reid & Co. reject this proposal, they are the ones responsible for raising our taxes on January 1st, 2013.  Sure, I know, the liberal media will defend them and still blame the Republicans, but that’s just the left thinking they are entitled to their own facts once more.

Second, this plan puts all the responsibility on where to spend the money we do have onto the President.  He talks a good game about deficit reduction, but the man has never had a  serious plan to do such a thing.  The President will now be forced to decide whether Welfare checks, Food Stamps, Obamaphones, Green Energy subsidies, etc are more important than a strong military (actually constitutional), keeping Social Security solvent, etc.  Again, I understand that the liberal media will blame the Republicans for any programs that are cut, but facts, you know, are stubborn things that not even all the media spin can rewrite.  It is like complaining that you can’t buy a Ferrari for $20,000 and have to settle for the Hyundai instead.  Thems the breaks.

Lastly, and obviously, it will force the debt to be paid down.  It will put somewhere between $200 and $400 billion towards that goal in 2013 and show the world we are serious about deficit reduction and a fiscally strong America.  The results of this is confidence in the American economy.

This is the plan Republicans have to put forth.  It is fiscally responsible.  It is sane.  And, most importantly, it deals with real world economics and not liberal

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