The Real Thing That Needs Banned After Sandy Hook

Liberals are keen to “never let a crisis go to waste.”  And boy did they jump all over the shooting at Sandy Hook!  Heck, the President even sent out fundraising letter’s to capitalize on the even and put money in his pocket!  Nothing is beneath a liberal it seems.  Of course, all of you who read my posts know that already.

In typical, we have to push our anti-American agenda mode, the left jumped all over guns.  Why guns?  Well, several reasons.  But most importantly is because they dislike an armed populace.  See, an armed populace tends to make a liberal takeover and turning America into a pure socialist state (unlike the 80% socialist state we currently have) pretty much impossible.

Oh, if there is one lesson liberals have learned from history, this is it.  They saw what an armed populace (the “rabble”) did to England when the United States seceded from their empire.  And they’ll be damned if we are going to do it again to theirs.

So … they target guns.  And on the surface, to a liberal, this makes sense.  Guns were used, therefore guns are bad, therefore we must confiscate/ban guns.  Never mind that the worst school mass killing in US history was committed using dynamite.  Never mind that knives are used to kill people nearly every day and there is no liberal “knife control movement.”

See, guns are a powerful tool that can be used to stop liberals very efficiently, whereas knives and TNT aren’t.  Whether they are the common criminal (all criminals are liberals because they covet someone else’s stuff), or left leaning politicians who want to subvert America into the next Soviet Union, lberals can’t have guns just floating around out there, now can they.

But, the real thing that Sand Hook teaches us is that, if anything, what really needs to be banned is liberalism.  Yes, liberalism.  It was liberalism in the 1970′s that pushed America to allow the mentally ill like Adam Lanza to roam free.  It was liberalism that complained about how it was cruel to institutionalize these people for their own safety and the safety of the public.  It was, I would also point out, liberals who brought the previous institutions for caring for the mentally ill to the point where they actually needed to be shut down.  Because, you see, they were by enlarge corrupt institutions run by liberals who thought it was their right to treat those in their charge like crap and beat them and subject them to cruel and unusual punishment/treatment for poop and giggles.

But Sandy Hook was also the fault of liberalism because it was liberalism that disarmed our schools.  See, once there were weapons (guns) in our schools. Teachers kept them in the desk drawers.  Principals kept shotguns in their offices.  And when someone like Mr. Lanza showed up, a slug was put in him.  True, maybe not before he killed someone, but before he could kill as many as he wanted to.  That was a plus, no matter how much liberals gripe about it.

It is liberals who made our schools “gun free zones”, boldly advertising to all the sick, twisted freaks of society (athat they can grab a gun, or four, and wreak havok on our children.  Yet, meanwhile, we have armed guards in armored trucks hauling around our money (worthless as it may be)?  What does that say about liberals?  It says that they value their debt money more than the lives of our children.  That’s what it says!

So, the solution is clear.  Banning liberalism will not stop all future schools shootings.  But it will make our schools safer.  Of this there is no doubt.  Except to liberals who still “feel” it is all about there being too many guns.

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