It’s Good To Be The King

… or, at least, in Obama’s case, it’s good to THINK you’re the king.  Now, just Obama has been re-elected, despite almost none of his proposals and previous actions meeting with majority approval of Americans, Obama’s illegal alien uncle is getting another shot at staying in America.

Prior to the election, Onyango Obama was ordered out of the United States.  He’s been in the country illegally since 1992.  But now, miraculously, he is getting an appeal.  Gee, I wonders how that will turn out.  And isn’t his illegal alien auntie still mooching off the welfare roles up in Boston too?

Like I said, it’s good to be the king.  At least for the king and those he favors.  The rest of us are just screwed.  So, while Obama is pulling strings for his family, and make no mistake, he is, the rest of us will suffer with higher taxes and greater debt to pay for all his special favors.

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