Once More Into The Breach RE: Civil War And Slavery

The good old boys and their useful dupes are still emailing me, trying to convince themselves that the Civil War was not about slavery.  One of those latest attempts, with my response proving it incorrect follows:

On 11/30/2012 4:34 PM, William Hickey wrote:

… don’t need permission to secede from the Union.”   I liked your article but southern secession was not about slavery. It was about economics and liberty and taxes. Slavery as a prime cause is nothing but history rewritten  to placate contemporary political and societal pipe dreams.

Bill Hickey

Edgewood, New Mexico

I’m sorry, but the only people who have “rewritten” history are the people you are apparently listening to.

As I pointed out in my article, Texas, South Carolina, Mississippi, and Georgia all wrote down why they were seceding from The Union.  All of them stated over and over again that it was about slavery.

If you would like to educate yourself, you can read the declarations of secession for yourself:


These documents are not revisionist history.  They are actually history.

It is true that the states did secede over “economics”, “liberty”, and “taxes”, however it was the root cause of slavery that was behind those issues.  For example, the southern states though that their “economics” would be threatened if they were not allowed to own slaves and that their “liberty” included the right to enslave others.

- Laus Deo,
J.J. Jackson, President
Land of the Free Studios, Inc.

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