Angry Liberals Upset Over Basic Economics

Look, we all know that liberals have the intelligence of a ripe tomato.  But it is still funny when they so boldly show it.

Take for example the liberals who, despite being warned that Obamacare would cause companies to make changes (lay off workers, cut back on hours, etc.), are now upset that these same companies are following through!  Look, it’s basic economics.  You increase the cost of doing business and businesses needs to cut costs.  There is no magical, money printing machine (like government believes to have) that allows them to simply absorb these costs and keep going on as they had in the past.

One of those ways it cuts costs is to remove employees and ask those who remain to pick up the slack.

Craig W(@Stoneious), who is apparently vying for the role of being the poster child for the perpetually stupidity, tweeted, “So far I’ve seen Papa John’s and Applebees threatening to fire people since their choice didn’t win the election. Disgusting on either side.”

No you moron!  They are threatening to fire people because liberalism, your ideology of choice, DOES NOT WORK!

But then again, you cannot argue with a ripe tomato.

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