The Moocher States Of O-merica

Somehow the most accurate pollsters got it wrong. Somehow a president who is unpopular and who’s programs are unpopular won re-election on Tuesday with a struggling economy as the taker vote came out in force to make sure the teat was not ripped from their suckling mouths. Not that anyone was really confident Romney would have really done that though.

But the takers, with their Obama Phones and seeking their Obama Money didn’t want to take any chances.  Sure, it means grandma will have to worry about whether or not a death panel grants her a chance to live.  Sure it means another easy four plus trillion in debt for our children to have to repay.  Sure it means a White House prepared to stand in the way of prosperity, conducting not only class warfare but also also an ardent battle against energy independence.  Sure it meams, more than likely, another far left liberal justice appointed to the Supreme Court to enshrine liberalism as the religion of America for a generation.  Sure it means many more dead Americans as the White House sits and watches radical Islamists attack our countrymen overseas.

The takers don’t care though.  Welcome to O-merica!  Land of the free stuff and home of the slaves.

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