Will Your Toilet Be Overflowing On Election Day?

Michelle Obama is worried that her husband’s supporters, with their Obama Phones, will face some dire crisis on Election Day that will disenfranchise them.  Obviously, she is worried that God is a Republican and that he is plotting to levy all sorts of havoc on the taker class.

(CNSNews.com) – First Lady Michelle Obama encouraged her  husband’s supporters to vote early, because you may find your “toilet  overflowing” on Election Day.

“You can also tell people that they don’t have to wait until November the 6th to cast their ballots because you can do it early,” Mrs. Obama told a crowd Friday at the University of Wisconsin in Wausau.

“You wake up on Election Day—you might have a cold, babysitter gets  sick, it’s raining, car broke down, I mean I could go on—toilet  overflowing,” she said, to a laughing audience.  “There are so many ways  to mess up a day when you don’t have a lot of time.”

Are Obama supporters this incompetent?  So incompetent that an overflowing toilet prohibits them from getting to the polls to attempt to reelect their messiah?

Ok, plumbing 101 time!  If, on Election Day, your toilet is overflowing, and you are fretting about getting to the polls:

Step 1: Turn off the water leading to the toilet.

It is usually a bright, silvery valve coming out of the wall right near the toilet.  Shut off valves are code in most, if not all, jurisdictions so you should have one.

Step 1 (Alternative): If you don’t have a shut off valve at your toilet, go to the main shut off valve for your home/appartment.  Turn it off.

Step 2: Go vote.

Step 3: Come back and worry about the toilet.

I mean, seriously, an overflowing toilet as an excuse to not be able to vote?  Boy, Obama’s supporters must be really, really dumb.  And some of these other excuses are equally laughable.

Babysitter getting sick?  Answer: Take your kids to the polls with you.  They are allowed to be there.

Car brakes down? Answer: Walk or get someone else to drive you.  So many polling places are within 1 mile (or less) of where people live.  If you can’t walk a mile, you are in other kinds of trouble besides not being able to vote.

It’s raining?  Answer: OMG!  Get an umbrella out!

I really am convinced now that Obama’s supporters are some special flavor of stupid if these

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