Let’s Play, “What Stupid Thing Can You Make Yourself Beleive Is Ok”!

Many, who claims to be a “pro-life christian” writes me to take issue with me over abortion.

“I think it is very wrong for you an others to promote never allowing a woman to end the life of their child while it is still in the womb.  Women may have very many great reasons to do this!  It’s just horrible to tell women that they cannot make the choice that is best for them.  As a pro-life christian I would never have an abortion, but I would never tell someone else they couldn’t.  If you’re a christian, you should feel the same way.”

Ok, so first off, where to begin with Mary?  I suppose it would be to point out to her that her characterization of me “never allowing a woman to end the life of [her] child” while it is within her would be inaccurate?  I suppose if she would have read my actual stance on abortion before speaking she would have been more educated?

Summary of that stance is:

1) Punishing the child is wrong.

2) Only exception is when life of the mother (a very, very, very rare occurrence) is threatened by the pregnancy.

Secondly, Mary’s “I would never tell someone else” what they can or can’t do stance translates like this:

“I would never murder someone, but if someone else wants to murder somebody, hey, who am I to say they can’t?”

People are going to have to eventually grow up and deal with reality, not being so timid because they are afraid of inciting anger in the Me, Me, ME Generation.  I know realut

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