Another $1.27 Trillion In Debt

By now you have probably all heard the lie that President Obama is not some sort some sort of high spending liberal. The left has been pushing hard to get Americans to buy into all sorts of iterations of this Big Lie.

While Congress makes budgets, the President is supposed to be the check and the balance. Obama has been neither. What’s more, with the Democratically controlled Senate stonewalling all budgets, the spending continues just as it did when the left had a firm strangle hold on the government back in 2009. And there is no arguing with the numbers.

Through the first eight months of this fiscal year, the federal government has spend us another $845 billion into the hole and we are on pace to add $1.23 trillion in total debt when all is said and done.

When you count TARP, which I remind you Senator Obama voted for emphatically even as he now tries to lay that spending solely at the feet of former President Bush, the amount of money that this President has spent is beyond malfeasance. It is criminal. It is theft from out grand children who must pay back this senseless debt.

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