Dems Go Hard Core On Other Dems To Protect Obama

John Wolfe Jr. is a Democrat.  He filed the paperwork and paid the fees to run against President Obama on the ballot for the party’s nomination in Arkansas.  He followed the rules.  He is on the ballot.  But apparently the liberal Democrats who run the State don’t want another West Virginia on their hands where a convicted felon gave President Obama a run for his money and took more than 40% of the vote in that state’s Democratic primary.  So they are threatening that, if Mr. Wolfe does well and wins delegates fair and square in the primary, that they will be stripped away from him at the convention.

The threat comes after a poll shows Obama only beating Mr. Wolfe by just 7% in the State’s 4th Congressional District.  Once again, the party of real voter disenfranchisement rears its ugly head again.

“They want a coronation,” Mr. Wolfe complained.  Why yes, yes they do.  Haven’t you learned yet that you don’t stand up against those who the left decide are chosen to lead?  Now get to the back of the bus and accept your handouts.

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