The Leftists Are Revolting – In Germany

Faced with the collapse of socialism do socialists wake up and smell the coffee?  Heck no!  They just go on trying to gain more power and pimp more socialism!  Yes, the German people of North Rhine-Westphalia, panicking over socialism failing around them and fearing that they won’t get their slice of the promised socialist pie voted for the leftist Greens (12.2%) and the leftist Social Democrats (38.8%) and look ready to form an accord with one another to stand up against the evils of reality which threaten to stop their socialist utopia from coming true.

Further proof that if you let liberals keep taking more and more bites at the apple, they will keep taking more and more bites no matter how rotten the apple may be.  Sure, it might be brown and moldy and smell bad, but by God it is their apple!  And thus the failure of socialism will be ensured to continue for quite some time until they all die from self-induced food poisoning.

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