GM Suspends Volt Production Due To Poor Sales

Earlier this year I reported how GM was dropping its lofty sales goals for the Chevy Volt due to its pitiful rate of actual sales and having missed its sales targets for 2011. Now GM is announcing that it is suspending production and laying off 1,300 employees because sales are so dismal that, as of right now, there is no need to produce more of these ugly babies. Production is scheduled to resume on April 23. We will see.

Guess we can add GM to the list of companies that have had to lay off people after buying into the green myths of the enviromarxists.  Don’t worry.  I am sure President Obama and the greenie weenies have tricks up their sleaves to help out GM by nudging Americans into these cars through government incentives or the government itself buying them for its own fleets.  They cannot afford for the Chevy Volt to meet the fate econ




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