Back Scratching Behind The Curtain

It seems that the vast majority of people don’t understand how incestuous government is and how liberals game the system and shuffle money from one another to enrich themselves.  Take this report about how Duke Energy CEO, who is also co-chair of the Democratic National Convention host-committee, Jim Rogers, takes money from government then funnels that money back to officials in government (both Republicans and Democrats, but mostly Democrats).  This sort of cronyism and back scratching is what taints our Republic.

Rogers and his company take money from government.  Part of that money pays his salary and he is enriched.  Then he turns around and donates money back to the politicians who gave him the money.  As a bonus, he goes out and raises money from other people to supplement those donations.  In return, he and his company will get even more money from the politicians.

This is not uncommon.  But it is poisonous.  As long as it is allowed to continue this Republic will continue to die.  The solution is simple.  But to the politician it is impractical.  The solution is to stick to the Constitution.  Doing that eliminates the unconstitutional expenditures that benefit Mr. Rogers.

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