What? How Could This Happen? Oh Wait, It Is The Government After All!

Too many people believe the myth of the hyper competent government. They think that government knows what is best and always handles itself appropriately. Time and again however we learn that government is far, far, far from hyper competent.

The TSA, for example, claims that it knows how best to handle airport security and not the airlines and local governments. They cloak themselves in the aura of hyper competency. They claim that groping passengers and looking at naked pictures of American citizens makes us all safer. They also claim that their policies work so well that it is a terrible thing to criticize them. Further they claim that they will work their hardest to make sure none of their employees would ever abuse their authority and will do nothing but go after evil people.

Of course we know that the TSA is not this goodie goodie organization they proclaim to be.

When citizens refuse to be groped, or let their children be seen naked, they get thrown in jail :TSA Getting Another Black Eye

Despite their supposed competence, banned weapons have regularly been found on airplanes. Like this case of a taser: TSA Crap Rolling Down Hill Fast

TSA Agents have been often accused of stealing things belonging to passengers from their luggage. The TSA tries to sweep those complaints under the rug but cannot always protect the thieves among them: Florida TSA Agent Busted!

When unable to come up with a real reason why they are searching a passenger and violating their right to privacy without any probable cause, supervisors are apparently given latitude to come up with policies on the spot. This is the old, if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance then baffle them with bull shit approach: TSA’s New Anti “Poof” Policy

When necessary the TSA will even lie to your face when they do something stupid: TSA – We Did Not Force Lady To Remove Diaper But Really Did

Under pressure the TSA is defiant! Publicly they go about claiming they will not use intelligence and common sense: The Groping Will Continue Until Morale Improves. But then, secretly, to avoid trouble on busy travel days, they cower: TSA Orders Toning Down Of Procedures For Thanksgiving.

And what about creepy pedophiles? Well previously we had the case of Transportation Safety Administration Officer Thomas Gordon Jr. who got caught dealing in pictures of little girls. And that couldn’t happen again right? There would not be another TSA agent who would get caught doing this sort of thing right?


Let me introduce you to David Ralph Anderson, another TSA agent who appears to have a fetish for young girls. How unusual that people with such odd desires would get involved in an activity where they could potentially be exposed to perspective victims right? How unusual that people sick like this man is would gravitate to where they would have power over people … not really.

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