The Truth: Atlas Shrugged Part 1 By The Numbers

Liberals were threatened last week by the release of the movie adaptation of Atlas Shrugged. Part 1 hit theaters last Friday and every liberal with a keyboard went about quickly trashing it.  By Monday they were proclaiming it dead; a failure at the box office.  Several complaints I read included the giddy notion that this failure was proven by the fact that the movie only brought in a little over $1,000,000 over the weekend.

Now, for the truth.  Atlas Shrugged, Part 1, brought in $1,686,347 for its opening weekend on just 299 screens.  That is $5,460 per theater according to Is that good or bad?  Well, let’s look.

Rio, the #1 movie last weekend, brought in a lot more total money (over $10 million on Friday alone), but it grossed, per theater, just $2,704 (Friday), $4,566 (Saturday) and $2,983 (Sunday)

Scream 4, last weekend’s #2 movie, grossed, per theater, just $2,494 (Friday), $2,021 (Saturday) and $1,141 (Sunday)

How about another huge, media blitzed movie like HOP, last week’s #3?  It grossed, per theater, just $645 (Friday), $1,440 (Saturday) and $885 (Sunday)

Atlas Shrugged Part 1’s numbers were, for comparison, by theater, just $2,254 (Friday), $2,110 (Saturday) and $1,274 (Sunday)

Let’s also note that Scream 4 and Rio both also debuted last weekend.  HOP was in its second weekend.  But you mean to tell me that mega movies like these cannot even significantly outperform a lowly independent film with very little media coverage and hardly any mainstream promotion?

Also for comparison, let’s note that Rio was on 3,826 screens, Scream 4 was on 3,305 screens and HOP was on 3,608 screens.  That’s over 10 times the number of screen for each of these movies compared to Atlas Shrugged Part 1.  Put Atlas Shrugged on 10 times the number of screens?  Why it grosses over $16 million and makes Rio look like something done on my daughter’s Little Einstein’s phony laptop!

Atlas Shrugged outperformed so many movies last weekend, all of which you have no doubt seen huge ad campaigns for.  From movies like Your Highness and Authur (2011) to Soul Surfer, all of which are just 11 days into release, Atlas Shrugged Part 1, beat them all in terms of per theater revenues.

Atlas Shrugged Part 1 a failure?  DOA?  Hah!  The left doth protest too much.

Although I do admit that it will never make up its $10,000,000 budget in theaters without a wider release.  But I think the real money making arm of this movie is going to be DVD sales.  What is really going to grate on the nerves of liberals is the fact that every conservative is going to have this in their movie collection.

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