Hard To Feel Sorry For Those Rich Teachers In Milwaukee!

$56,500; that is the average salary of a teacher in the Milwaukee public schools system. But there is more to the story. When you add in benefits which included health care insurance and retirement benefits they actually receive $100,005 per year in compensation on average in 2011. Not my words. These are just facts:

In this video, MPS Superintendent William Andrekopoulos says of the financial matters facing the district, “I just want you to know I have been in the district 38 years, and the Superintendent eight years, this is the worst financial condition that I’ve seen the district, uh, with. The cost, um, the costs are way out pacing the amount of money we have.”

Now I know how the teacher’s union responds to this. They always claim that the waste is elsewhere and never with themselves, their members and the benefits that they had been able to strong arm out of the tax payers in the past. But here is the fact; $100,000 for a teacher (on average) is way above what the average person in Milwaukee makes. Should public servants be making more (on average) than those that foot the bill?

Then comes the next argument from the teacher’s unions which is that being a teacher requires special skills that can only be gotten though special training. I’m sorry, but you can try as hard as you like to convince me that being a teacher requires special skills and training, but I have taught people informally and seen many other people do so as well outside of a school and they have no special skills and received no special training to teach what they are experts in.

The old status quo used to be if you were a public service employee you made less than the normal American worker but as long as you did your job semi-competently you had much greater job security since there was always a need for teachers, fire fighters, policemen and even road crews. Now however salaries and benefits have ballooned and the job security has remained thus turning the public sector into a lucrative career with lavish benefits. Well, at least until the chickens come home to roost and there is no money left to pay for the promises made by ignorant politicians without a brain cell in their head to appease a particular voting block.

At that time we see what is going on now in Wisconsin. The unions head to the streets and protest because they absolutely refuse to admit that they were snookered and were unfortunate enough not to grow old, retire and eventual die while the getting was good.

When a private business lacks funds to pay its employees it must cut salaries or lay off people. It is time that government workers live in that world with the rest of us which is just simply reality. Public sector unions can cry about promises made and promises unkept but they are just as much at fault when those promises fall through. Because someone within the organization had to know that these problems were coming. And if they did not then doesn’t that just further add to the mountain of evidence against them as being incompetent?

You are telling me that nowhere within the entire teacher’s union was there a single economics major turned teacher? And furthermore that there is not one of these teachers of economics that wasn’t so consumed by a hatred for reality, the free markets, and so on to not stand up and raise the warning that needed to be raised?

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