George Washington A Member of the Illuminati?

Did you know that George Washington was a member of the Illuminati? The secret society was formed back in the 1770’s had as its goal explicitly the overthrow of governments, religion, and essentially all inalienable rights. These guys were supposedly part of the Free Masons which also tends to get that group into trouble. It is also a useful claim to toss around by some to further attempt to paint our founders, like Washington, as Godless souls.

There must be some sort of program running somewhere on television these past few weeks. If I had to bet, I would guess the History Channel since they are big on all this conspiracy, end of the world and UFO stuff. Any time I get the number of emails I have gotten in that time frame about some conspiracy theory or another that is usually the case. If anyone knows what this program might be, please contact me.
When the kooks come out though they come out in force. And because I received so many of these off the wall emails I thought it time to address some of the misconceptions and lies that go around.

Those who have emailed me, most of them accusing me of being either a Free Mason (which I am not) or of being ignorant of the serious threat posed by the Illuminati and seeking to “educate me”, have provided some fascinating and fanciful support for their claims.

Claim: President George Washington was not just a Free Mason by also a member of the Illuminati.
To support this they often make a second claim.

Claim: President Washington wrote glowingly of his support for the Illuminati in a correspondence with George Snyder.

One emailer claimed this quote by Washington exactly to prove his assertion, “I do not mean to impugn the ways of the Illuminati. I am sure you understand that I fully support their mission,” which he attributed to a letter on September 25th, 1798. Another emailer, who it took ten direct requests from him to give me a quote to support his claims, the first nine times I asked he just cursed me as a “tool of the Illuminati”, finally came back with “The Illuminati will forever have a place in history and this nation and among our great leaders.” He also cited the same letter.

So I went and pulled this letter from the Library of Congress. You know what I found? Ok, how about what I did not find? If you said either of these (or the myriad of other similar quotes tossed at me) then you would be right.

Here is the link to the actual letter:

I know it is hard to read. But here is what it actually says and what Washington actually thought about the Illuminati.

“I have heard much of the nefarious, and dangerous plan, and doctrines of the Illuminati, but never saw the Book until you were pleased to send it to me.”

As you can see, he clearly called the Illuminati “nefarious” and “dangerous”. Now I know what the conspiracy theorists will say. They will say, but of course he would say that to throw people off the trail! Yes, I know, evidence contrary to the conspiracy theory is always a ruse of some sort and never point of fact evidence that discredits it.

Washington goes on to say, “I believe notwithstanding, that none of the Lodges in this Country are contaminated with the principles ascribed to the Society of the Illuminati,” after noting that he had not even been to one of the Free Mason lodges in America, “more than once or twice, within the last thirty years.”
It is possible, based on Washington’s distance apparently from the Free Masons in later years that he would not know if his conjectures were right or not, but one thing is for sure. That is that he did not think too highly of the Illuminati at all based on his own hand.

Now whether or not these lies are being actually spread by some show, which I suspect is running on cable, directly or people are just mishearing what is being said and regurgitating their own concoction of events is something that I would like to know. So again, if you know what show this is coming from please let me know.

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