Chris Coons Doesn’t believe In Freedom Of Religion For All

Democrat, liberal kook moonbat Chris Coons got caught in a debate with Christine O’Donnell proving what I have always said about liberals in that they don’t believe in equal rights for all. Chris Coons, as far as people go, got the short end of the stick when it came to brains and feels the need to repeatedly tell us all about that fact through his comments on various issues. Coons believes, and he said this, that with regards to religions in schools students, teachers and administrators of parochial and private schools are free to explore religion in said school but that those in public schools are not free to do so.

Coons said private and parochial schools are free to teach creationism but that “religious doctrine doesn’t belong in our public schools.”

This goes to a fundamental misunderstanding liberals have with regards to the first amendment. They believe it establishes a separation of Church and State which prohibits anyone existing within the State machinery and within State sponsored institutions from being religious and openly displaying or exploring their religious beliefs. This separation of Church and State is what Chris Coons believes in. I should be noted however that this is not the same as the separation between Church and State of a non state sanction sect of Religion (i.e. the Church of England) that Thomas Jefferson, who penned those words, meant.

When asked directly by Christine O’Donnell where in our Constitution exists, as liberals understand it, this separation of Church and State Coons sited the first amendment. However the first amendment is clear in that it specifically states that with regards to religion Congress, and via the 14th Amendment also the States, may make no law, “respecting an establishment of religion” or “prohibiting the free exercise thereof”. Please note that there is no clause that says anything remotely like, “except in places where liberals like Chris Coons believe religion should be banned,” to qualify the statement as limited.

But really, think what Chris Coons has said. He has said that governments actually do have the authority to “prohibit the free exercise” of religion by using the first Amendment as justification for his extremist liberal ideology and the belief that those in public schools should not have the same freedoms as others. What he is doing is saying that those who are rich enough, or lucky enough to get government subsidy of their education, and chose to attend a private school may explore their religion freely within said school. But he is also saying that those of you who are not of these privileged classes may not do so in violation of the first amendment.

This is why Chris Coons is not qualified to sit in the United States Senate. This is why if he is elected to that office he will be dangerous. But the question is whether enough of the voters in Delaware paying attention. Do they even care?

Will they send him up to Washington anyway because they just don’t care enough about their own liberties?
The whole issue here is about which articles of faith are allowed to be taught in public schools. Liberals who hate the concept of God want to teach creationism to our children as a means of discrediting God although personally I think it actually proves the intelligent design theory and God. Because since God created all things He would have also, logically, created evolution. But the problem is the theory of evolution, despite what liberals claim, is not a scientifically proven concept. Therefore it is accepted on faith and that makes it part of their religion. Quite a double standard for the left if you ask me.

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